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plan b, senate republicans float a short term fix to the debt debate as president obama warns of dire consequences if they cannot make a deal. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd. rocket on trial, rodgeert clemens to face justice for allegedly lying about steroids. and a crock shock, tourists in australia get up close and personal with a monster of the deep. captioning funded by cbs >> good morning, everybody and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the brutal and dangerous heat wave that has engulfed much of the nation, the kind of extreme heat that takes your breath away after just a
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few minutes stepping outside. this morning the high temperatures are moving east. heat advisories are posted along the central plains and eastern seaboard. this afternoon for the fourth time in as many days the president and congressional leaders will try to sit down to hash out a budget deal. the talks have stalled and hopes for agreement are fading. the senate republican leader has offered another option, though, while the president issued a dire warning. so let's see how all this shakes out. we take you live to joel brown who is in washington with the latest. >> betty, good morning. short on time and high on frustration, senate republicans unveiled their debt limit plan b, while president obama was on the evening news last night spelling out the scary uncertainties as he sees it of a default. president obama is raising the stakes in the battle over the debt limit. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue.
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>> reporter: tuesday he told cbs anchor scott pelley tens of billions of dollars of social security, veterans and social security checks could be in jeopardy if lawmakers don't raise the debt limit by august 2 right-hand. >> the way it gets resolved is if all of us make some compromises and take a balanced approach that finally deals with this debt and deficit in a serious way. >> reporter: both sides will meet again this afternoon but if the senate's top republican is any indication, a long-term fix may be unlikely. >> i have little question that as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unattainable. >> reporter: with a default deadline less than three weeks away now the senate minority leader is proposing a backup plan that would give the president the power to raise the debt limit on his own. >> default is not an option. >> reporter: the president could give the president three times to raise the debt limit three times since 2013.
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aides say he prefers his own $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. >> the president talks a good time but when it comes time to putting the issues on the table making decisions he can't quite pull the trigger. >> reporter: the white house insists lawmakers must make a deal by next week if there's any hope of passing it in time. as the clock winds down top business leaders are putting the pressure on washington to come up with a deal. the u.s. chamber of commerce and other business groups issued new statements telling washington to come up with a statement. congress raised the debt ceiling 102 times since 1917, including ten times in the last decade alone but the debate this time has a very partisan and increasingly ugly tone to it. during his interview with mr. obama, scott pelley asked the president about the tone of the debate. >> do you regret any of the things that you've said in all of this? >> no, i think i've been pretty
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restrained. >> you told the congress they don't do their works as well as your daughters do their work. >> i think they procrastinate and that's true. i don't think that's disputed anywhere in the country. the fact of the matter is we should not be leaving an issue of this magnitude to the last minute. and yet congress often leaves things to the last minute, and engages in the kind of brinkmanship that i think is pretty dangerous. >> how optimistic are you that a deal can be done? time is running out. >> i think we can get it done. if it ourturns out the other si won't budge on anything we're going to be here every day until we get this done. >> but, sir, the republican leader in the senate said today that they can't do anything with you as long as you occupy this house, there will be no deal. >> well, then he's going to have to explain to me how it is that
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we're going to avoid default because i'm going to be president here for at least another year and a half, and i don't think the american people would expect that the leader of the republican party in the senate would simply say that we're not going to do business with the president of the united states. >> and you can see more of scott pelley's interview with the president a little bit later this morning on "the early show." u.s. airports remain vulnerable to terrorists according to a u.s. congressman. a hearing on airport security opens today. representative jason chaffetz says security at airports has been breached more than 25,000 times since november, 2001. more than 14,000 have entered sensitive areas. 25,000 incidents represent 1% of the 5.5 billion people screened
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since 9/11. a commission was formed after japan's nuclear disaster and in a report to be released today it recommends 12 safety steps including a reevaluation of the earthquake and flood risk. now to the blistering mid summer heat wave, another day of excessive heat in the southeast. heat advisories remain from the southern plains to the southeast. some cities will register triple digit temperatures for the tenth day in a row. nearly half of the nation was affected by the extreme heat yesterday according to the national weather service. folks are doing whatever they can to keep cool. >> i put my towels in the freezer and then when i come home i lay on them. >> forecasters warn the high temperatures in the plains and southeast could last through the weekend. now to a story about who we are, and the news is as america gets older there are less
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children in the u.s. than ever before. according to the 2010 census, children make up just 24% of the population, down from 26% in 1990. children of immigrants make up one in four of those under the age of 18 and are now the fastest growing segment of the nation's youth. the perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens begins today. clemens is accused of lying to congress about steroid use. a lawyer for clemens says he plans to question whether the investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs was proper. a california woman is due in court today accused of -- listen to this -- hacking her husband. police say 48-year-old catherine becker, drugged her husband, tied him to his bed, cut off his private part and put it in a garbage disposal. he is expected to survive. just ahead on the "morning news" get ready to pay more for
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movies at home. the sister wives fighting for a lawsuit fighting to get the same rights as gay couples. what does it look like when an entire state government shuts down? we'll take you to a state that's been closed for business for more than a week. that story tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. in michigan an angry bird was caught on video as it was dive bombing people on the street in kalamazoo. it attacked a number of people hitting them on the head. all at tacks took place in the same small area so the bird may be protecting a nest nearby. poor guy. there were no serious injuries, though. well a gigantic crocodile put on a show in australia. you have to take a look at this. the 18-foot-long croc was photographed on a tourist boat on theed alied river.
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the two-ton monster is named brute bruteus said to be 80-year-old and lost one leg in a battle near a shark. leads us to wonder how big was the shark? on the "cbs moneywatch" a restaurant bans kids and subscribers get negative over net nix. susan mcginnis is here. >> the financial markets an update for asian markets. the hang seng was up a fraction and moody's downgraded ireland's bond to junk. wall street will also be hearing from fed chairman ben bernanke. stocks finished lower on tuesday, more worries on stocks. concerns about stocks pushed gold to a new record high. the price jumped $13 to nearly
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$1,562 an ounce on tuesday, the precious metal up nearly 10% this year and on track for its 11th straight annual increase. silver is up 15% this year. netflix is raising prices and subscribers not happy. gone is the $10 a month plan that lets customers rent a movie one at a time. customers have to pay 60% more, nearly $16 a month for the new plan, that one combines the $8 a month streaming only service with this new $8 monthly fee for dvd rentals. we'll see if this changes the number of netflix subscribers now at 23 million. move over chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, healthier kids menus are coming to some chain restaurants, at least 15,000 restaurants in 19 big chains including burger king, friendly's and chilies, focus on
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fruits and vegetables, and have less fats and sodium. governments will now require restaurants to post fats and calories. a restaurant instituted a new policy banning children under the age of 6. he said parents of unruly children are self iish and the owner has e-mails gotten 11-1 in favor of the policy. >> you're a mom, what do you think? >> i think parents are not going to be happy about that because our children are never the ones that are the problem. >> of course not absolutely, little angels. susan, thank you so much. the sister wives family plans to challenge utah's law against polygamy. cody and his wives moved to nevada after police launched a big me investigation when they saw their show.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. fork new york partly cloudy 88. miami thunderstorms 90 degrees. chicago partly cloudy 70. dallas a sunny 102. los angeles sunny, 75 degrees. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows storm clouds flowing out of mexico toward new mexico and the dakotas. skies are mainly clear in the northeast and west coast. the southeast will have periods of stormy weather. later today it will be hazy, hot and humid in the southeast and much of the southern plains. the northeast can breathe a sigh of relief as drier air moves back in and expect strong winds and heavy rains from montana to nebraska. in sports the all-stars came out to play last night and for the second year in a row the
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national league won. the astros hunter pens a great throw from left field to get bautista at the plate. prince fielder jacks a three run homer, for that he was named mvp. the national league trounces the american league 5-1. just after the game the new york mets announced they are trading francisco rodriguez to milwaukee. in exchange they get cash and two new players. k-rod guarantees him $17.5 million. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. frlgts and an army ranger saves lives in combat and gets america's highest honor. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] say hello to the new mango pineapple real fruit smoothies from mccafé, bursting with fresh flavors and blended with creamy low-fat yogurt. the simple joy of exotic refreshment. ♪
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on the "cbs morning news,"
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here's a look at today's weather. the northeast will get a slight break from the heat but it will be oppressive in the south with temperatures in the 90s and 100s. expect scattered thunderstorms in the southeast and hard hitting storms from the rocky mountains to the midwest. here's another look at this morning's top stories with the budget talks stalled, mitch mcconnell proposed a last choice option allowing the president to raise the debt limit on his own. the scorching heat wave that affected much of the country continues in the plains and southeast but relaef is in sight for the mid-atlantic and northeast. family friends and first ladies led the mourners for betty ford in palm dellsert, california. she was remembered as a first lady who made a big impact on women in all walks of life. karen brown reports. >> reporter: the body of former first lady betty ford lay in repose at st. margaret's church. the public was invited to view
4:21 am
the casket and sign a guest book. >> a great first lady, a great american, a great wife. ♪ >> reporter: the funeral for mrs. ford brought together republicans and democrats alike, including four first ladies, past and present. rosalind carter recalled her battle with breast cancer. >> millions of women are in her debt today. >> reporter: as is customer, mrs. ford planned her own funeral and chose who were to speak. they were to celebrate the power of friendship over political differences. mrs. ford was not only celebrated the as the first lady but the founder of the clinic that bears her name. >> we felt close to you for that. >> reporter: a second funeral will be held thursday in grand rapids, michigan. betty ford will be laid to rest
4:22 am
beside her husband at the gerald ford presidential museum. karen brown, cbs news, palm desert, california. >> president obama awarded the medal of honor to an army ranger who served in afghanistan. in 2008 sergeant first class leroy pea tree and his team were sh shot. his heroic acts saved the lives of two of his comrades. >> whenever you have a chance or opportunity to thank them, shake their hand, give them a pat on the back for the job they've done because they've earned it, that's the greatest reward any service member can get is a simple thank you. >> insurgesergeant petrie is thd to receive the nation's highest military award. we'll have more of him coming up on "the early show." i'm betty nguyen. this is the "cbs morning news."
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. >> welcome in. i'm mike hydeck. glad you're waking up early with us. here's 9news now. angie has a lot to talk about in traffic already. >> anny is here in for howard bernstein and the good news is we did not make it to triple digits yesterday, it just felt like it. >> we got up to 97 degrees at
4:26 am
reagan national, 2 degrees shy of tying the record of 99. the good news is not as hot today but still hot. you head out this morning, still steamy out there. temperatures are very mild if not warm. by noon, lower 90s at 3:00, 93 degrees. still a chance for isolated storms. some could be heavy or even severe. right now in downtown, look at d.c., it is 83 degrees at this hour. fairfax, you've cooled down to 74. great falls, 73. college park at 77 degrees that the hour. all right, look at the satellite radar picture. we've got a cold front coming through. that's really going to improve things, especially by tomorrow. just get through today. all right, no triple digit numbers on this map for this wednesday. temperatures near mid-90s in downtown. lower 90s for gaithersburg. culpepper, 95. hagerstown up to the upper 80s. we'll talk more about your
4:27 am
forecast later. here's angie with your traffic. >> thank you, anny. >> four minutes away from the half hour. we don't do this often but we're beginning with our red light this morning because we've got major issues out on the capital beltway. we have the outer loop shut down right now between route 7 and i-66. no traffic is being directed on to route 7. the inner loop is closed at route 7 and that traffic is being directed on to route 66. what we have is construction crews working a situation where -- a crane actually snagged some wires so they're trying to make the area safe and clear this out of the way. 66 drivers also impacted, not able to exit on to the inner loop so far. 270, crystal clear from germantown road down to the split. a check around the region at 4:31. andrea and mike, over to you. here are stories we're following for you today as angie just mentioned. both loops of the beltway are closed in tysons corner after power lines fell across the road. police say the road could stay
4:28 am
closed throughout the morning commute. of course, we'll have a live report coming up at 4:30. >> another round of debt talks scheduled today at the white house. nothing came out of yesterday's meeting. democrats and republicans have now met three times in three days with just about no progress made on a deal. there were fireworks at tuesday's final d.c. session before the summer. >> some are asking if this was political payback. bruce johnson was at the meeting and has blow-by-blow details. >> it represents a waste of government time and a waste of government resources. >> that ward 6 councilman tommy wells, stripped of the chairmanship of the transportation committee today and he went down swinging. chairman kwame brown who got all but wells to go along in a 12-1 vote. as a chairman, you have to make tough decision. >> skeptics point out wells had been critical of chairman brown's selection of a fully- equipped suv at taxpayer expense.
4:29 am
a political embarrassment that still dogs kwame brown today. >> does his punishment, as you see it from the chairman for your criticizing bringing up the whole issue about the suv? >> you'll have to get that from the chair. i know that the work i've done -- i'm proud of the work i've done on the committee. >> is that you getting back at him for the suv? >> that's not true. >> wells did a phenomenal job as transportation chair but the shake-up is intended to lump transportation together with public works and the environment. council member mary shea will chair the new committee. it was the last session before summer recess and this council was busy today. marion barry wants a moratorium on construction in ward 8. he wants fewer renters, more homeowners. alexander wants every city employee earning $62,000 a year to be required to live in the city. to register a handgun was also on the agenda today. council members voted to require the mayor to fix the current situation in which nobody can legally register a

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